Add a unique ID of a post to a comment, two different data types

I am working on a product that allows people to upload an image as a post and then have people comment feedback on that image. I want each piece of feedback left to add the unique ID of the post so I can reference and display all feedback for each post in a repeating group.

Right now I have one repeating group displaying an image and referencing the post and this works how I want:

I then have a second group referencing the feedback so users can add feedback and then submit it.

The problem is when I go to create the workflow for the submit button I cannot figure out how to add the unique ID of the post because it references the feedback data type and not the post:

Any help is appreciated!

Why unique ID? To link posts and comments, the database structure is simply


  • content (text)
  • User (User)
  • image (image)
  • etc


  • content (text)
  • User (User)
  • Post (Post)

Then just search for Feedback where Post = Current cell’s post

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Thanks for replying. I guess I was assuming the unique ID was the best way to reference a specific post. I am still trying to wrap my head around bubble and data structures so I may be overcomplicating things.

I believe database is structured how you suggest but I don’t see current cell’s post as an option when I go to add a new Thing.

The group references the feedback data type so I can add it to the feedback-text field, but when I go to add “Current cell’s post” to the connect post field I only see these options:

Your data structure is correct :slight_smile:

Make life easier for yourself and make data types singular names. Post and Feedback.

The relevant Post is probably in another group. e.g Group Post Container’s post. Just find your RG of posts in the element tree, find the group inside that, and reference that group’s Post (because that group is probably configured to take Current cell’s post)

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Okay, I finally got it. Your advice is actually spot on, I had tried referencing that group before but my naming convention confused me so I filtered down too far.

Thank you so much for your help!

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