Linking a public comment to a blog post

Hi Bubblers! SAVE MY SANITY PLEASE!!! :melting_face:
I am creating an app that will have a blog in part of it. for the moment its just a public read only blog so there is no sign in needed. However, I would like the public to be able to make comments (and reply comments to those comments) on a specific blog and each time that blog is loaded the comments are shown at the bottom of the page.

The big issue I’m having is linking a cooment to the Blog posts unique ID or a parameter… Neither seems to work. I will lay out my database, pages and workflow That are related to the blog.
Any help and assistance would be great as Ive been trying to figure this out for and going in unproductive circles now for 4 days.


Blog category:

  • Category Name- TEXT
  • All default Fields

Blog Post:

  • Blog Category 1 - LIST OF BLOG CATEGORYS
  • Comments - LIST OF COMMENTS
  • Content - TEXT
  • Featured - YES/NO
  • Image - IMAGE
  • Title - TEXT
  • All default Fields


  • Blog Post - BLOG POST
  • Content - TEXT
  • All default Fields

PAGES: (see screenshots below)

  • Page: Homepage (Front End Landing Page Explained Below)

  • Page: Admin Dashboard (Backend DEV Page Explained below)

  • Page: Blog_Articles (I have the groups set up on the blog articles page to be hidden and collapse so that the Blog thumbnails and the main blog posts are on the same page.)
    Groups on Blog_Articles:
    AppNavigation A is a repeating group with buttons to each page, homepage, Blog articles, contact, FAQ
    Group Everything: Holds everything else (*I will skip to the group blog Comments)
    Group Blog Comments

  • Text: Comments

  • MultilinInput: Your Comments

  • Button: Post Comment

  • RepeatingGroup: Comments:: Type of content - Comment, Data Source - Search for Comments, BlogPost = current page’s Blog Post.

    • Text: Comments :: Do a search for comments:First Item’s content.

THe other pages are kind of irrelevant I think for this query but the but the hompage is just where featured blogs are and the page that will load upon opening the app.

The Admin Dashboard is the page for creation: Blogs, FAQ’s, Contact Form, Products In the the be opened later shop, Login/signup forms for later development etc. its my backend page.

WORKFLOWS for public comment creation:
When Button Post Comment is Clicked:


No matter what I try to do when I save a comment, It saves in the database but never attached to a Unique ID or a Parameter. I would like to be able to set it up so each comment is linked to the Current blog post’s Unique ID. But even when I tired that it still didn’t save the comment to any blog… In the database the section for Blog is always blank no matter how i Change it.

Can anyone help? and please let me know if you need more info to assist with the answer. Thanks in advance

Your first step should be using ?debug_mode=true as a URL parameter and exploring why the Search for Blog Post:first item is empty.

How do you know which blog post to comment on? What are your search constraints here?

This is not what the text should be. The text should be Current cell’s content. A repeating group is a list of a cells, and each cell is a Comment. Therefore, the text in each cell is the current cell’s comment (or parent group’s comment if the text is inside a group in the cell).

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