Repeating group inside repeating group

I have a repeating group inside of which i want to add another repeating group. Say a post that is supposed to have comments. I have tried many things, but I cant seem to figure this piece out. What I tried was to get the original posts unique id to fill into the comment THEN have the comment repeating group filter somehow by that unique id.

Second thing I don’t understand is how to make a list. Does anyone have an app with this sort of functionality I can look at or any direction I can take to make this happen.

Thanks so much!

You are on the right track with Lists. Don’t worry about the unique ids, bubble links things for you.

So … this works on Locations, rather than Posts, but the idea is exactly the same …

We have a Comment table, which also has the parent Location.

And we have the Location table, which has a list of Comments.

To make the LISt you tick the box …


The way you handle lists is slightly different in a workflow, so you create the comment (and I refer it back to the parent location for ease) …


And then ADD the comment to the location.

You can then have a RG of Locations, each with an RG of Comments.


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