Add client_reference_id to “Charge User” action on Stripe Plugin

@emmanuel @josh

What would it take to have the parameter “client_reference_id” added to the official Stripe plugin “charge user” action?

This would greatly improve debugging and fulfillment workflows because we would be able to create webhooks that link Stripe checkout sessions back to specific user actions.

Currently, there’s no way to link a Stripe checkout session back to a specific order. You can use email / amount / time for messy workarounds but this could create false positives.

With this, we would be able to create a reference ID for checkout sessions initiated on the Bubble side to tie back to incoming checkout session events from Stripe while eliminating the chance of misidentification.

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I’m checking with the team.

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I’m actually waiting on my plugin to be published, which will allow u to use your own order Id u can parse a Webhooks response with, but it will also redirect a user to your success page after a successful purchase and append the checkout session id to the url and a call the retrieve that specific session id and grab details about it


That’s actually pretty gnarly.

It gets better, you can build carts and create checkout sessions with it. make stripe super simple, and without the need of webhooks since we can check the actual session id.

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Any updates? Hate to oversimplify but it’s just a string we send when initiating the charge @emmanuel