Add element to a list within a db list field

Hello wise fellow bubble users,

I’m new to bubble and I’m creating my first app. I find the tool great but there are still many things

I’m creating an app where a person will reply to a form and based on this choice I’ll present him a personal offer. The person filing the form isn’t the “User” but a “customer” which is another table in the DB (i also have a multiple option set). During the form, a state is filled with a value, and I would like to have the following action but for some reason, i can’t make it work…

if “state” value is above 5, then i would like to add a product (which is an option set) to the existing record of the customer.

I’ve tried to address it as follows but bubble always asks for (more)…

  • change a list of thing’s in customer (with a constrain on customer mail address < to have the right row)
  • then select the field (which is a list of products in my db) where i would like to add my product (option set, source)

Fore more detail see the screenshot bellow:

There is for sure something that i’m not doing right but i can’t put my finger on it.

Are you trying to make changes to a Customer? Or list of customers? (from your post it sounds as though the former, but in your screenshot it’s the latter?)…

Anyway, without knowing how your database is set up no one will be able to say much for certain, but if the expression builder is staying red it means there’s a ‘type’ mismatch between the type of data the field can contain and the type of data you’re trying to set on it.

They have to be the same (obviously).

I’m guessing that the internet-products field is not of the option set type you’re trying to set.

Maybe post some screenshots of your database setup so people can see what the issue might be?..


First of all, thanks for your reply.
Sorry if my initial post wasn’t clear, i’m trying to make a change to a unique customer (row).

The reason why I’m using change “make a change to a list” is that the customer db is a list of fields and I’m not able to use the “make a thing change” instead.

But as you mention it’s indeed important to better understand the DB structure… my bad.
You’ll find some screens of the structure.

Db :

zoom in customer

Option set that i would like to add to the “internet-products” from customer


I don’t understand what you mean by that?.. (a DB can’t be a list of fields?!.. it might contain a list of fields, but that’s different). You should be able to make changes to a thing, and then just find the thing in question (the customer) by searching for it.

In any case, that’s not important here (making changes to a list will still work)…

Regarding your database setup…

Yes, exactly as I suspected, the ‘type’ of data the field is set to is not the same as the ‘type’ of data you’re trying to set - hence the red ‘type’ mismatch error.

The ‘internet-products’ field on your ‘Customer’ datatype is of type ‘products’ but you’re trying to set its value as an ‘internet-product’.

So, you need to delete that field, and add a new one (of type ‘internet-product’).

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