Add email to contact list to sendgrid

I would like to set that when a user creates an account, the user’s email goes to contacts on sendgrid contact list.

I have the plugin: SendGrid by Copilot

I can’t set correctly, has anyone had success with this?

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Why not? Are you getting a specific error?

I haven’t used that plugin, but I have used this one:

Works well, just use a workflow to create a new contact.

You need to put the API token with "Bearer " in front

Thank you :slight_smile:
Where did you get it from: list-ids?
I can’t find it in sendgrid

You have to go to the list in the SendGrid website and then copy the ID from the URL. Awkward but works

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That’s help, thank you :slight_smile:

Aw, don’t withdraw the post! This could be super helpful for someone in the future!

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