How to add a contact to list SendGrid?

Does any of you maybe have an example of how you can add a contact using SendGrid everything I tried doesn’t seem to work. Neither one of the available plugins. Thanks in advance!

Have you tried the Sendgrid plugin by Copilot? It has an action for Add Contact to List.

I’m using it now and can’t figure it out. I found the list ID in the URL, finally. I don’t know why these plugins can’t come with better directions for how to use them. None of the other fields in the “Add Contact to list” action seem to even align with the contact fields in sendgrid (save for the email). And what is a template ID? Why would I need to specify a template just to add a contact to a list?! I’m lost.

Hi @ccatalano ,

did you find a solution? I’m having the exact same issue right now…


Had the same issue, so I fixed it :). Just created and released a free plugin called “SendGrid Pro”.

I just released this plugin to allow you to add contacts. More to come in the near future but for now I have simply added the add/update a contact endpoint to provide the functionality you need right now. You will need to use both plugins until all of the actions have been reproduced in this updated version.

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Hello @ben13 ,

Is it possible to add a contact directly to a list of contact with your plugin ?


This post should be of some help in adding a contact using the plugin: SendGrid Contacts API / Marketing Automations / Javascript

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