How to add a contact to a SendGrid list (Copilot)

Hello everyone.

I am puzzled how long it’s taking me to unsuccessfully figure out how to add a contact to my SendGrid list. Something that should be pretty obvious in my opinion and a standard feature…

I managed to send a dynamic template email to a new subscriber and I would like to add his email (!!) to my list.

Thanks for help


Hi @floripaolo ,

did you find a solution to this? Im facing the exact same issue…



I just released this plugin to allow you to add contacts. It appears the SendGrid plugin from copilot has not been updated in a while and doesn’t work with the latest API. I plan to update all of the API endpoints so that you only need one plugin but for now I have simply added the add/update a contact endpoint to provide the functionality you need right now. You will need to use both plugins until all of the actions have been reproduced in this updated version.

Search the plugin store/list for “SendGrid Pro”. It is a free plugin.

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Hi Philipp

yes I solved the issue with this plugin.

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