Add geography entries by Lattitude and Longitude

Hi, Im trying to add several places via a CSV with a latlong field which has a latitude,longitude value on each row and assign each of these to a geography field type in a thing. The problem Im having is that the address gets formatted to the closest google address reference, so the coordinates change. For example some places are not close to a street and when saved these are changed to the closest street.

This does not happens when saving the “current location” but I don’t know how to do the same kind of save with other coordinates.

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The address will get set to the nearest address, but the actual location should remain as input. So if you display on a map it should not show the location of the address.

Hi Nigel, thank you for your input, I must be doing somehting wrong, here is a link to my app, I made two buttons: one to save my current locations (this works great) and another to save the same coordinates (or any other) as input.

On the right it shows both addressees with different location.

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So to save the address of a lat/lon you use a built in “Calculate formula”…


Amazing! thank you so much for the help!


I am trying to modify a template originally created to display information on a map that corresponds to apartments available to rent. My purpose to is to display free and occupied parking spaces with this template. I want to enter longitude and latitude coordinates that will appear as markers on a google map into my current database however the template will only show markers for full addresses and obviously most parking spaces dont have a defined street address, so you can see my problem. Can you provide me any guidance on how to get this accomplished. My deadline for the demo of this is the 26th of this month, so im getting a bit nervous. Im including screen shots and a link to my project.