Users registering on external (squarespace) website

Hi everyone, sorry if I’ve missed the answer to this but I’ve looked everywhere and still don’t get how I can do this (it looks like it should be easy!)

I want to have a form on my squarespace site where userss can sign up, then get redirected to the bubble app. I’m guessing I need to create a form in html with a POST action, then use a workflow api to gather the data when they arrive at bubble. The trouble is I don’t know how to do this! If there is an easier way then I’m happy to do it any way that works, just need a signup form!

Thanks so much, again I’m really sorry if this is covered elsewhere I’m just getting really confused!

Why not just sending the people to the form on bubble and do the sign up in one go? You can make the landing page for the form look the same as the page they are on. You could perhaps also embed the form on your Squarespace site.

That’s what I originally did but the person running the facebook campaign wants to be able to track visitors/signups etc using facebook pixel and the iframe is causing problems, sending them to the app breaks the chain. He wants to have a form on the landing page so we can track how many people fill it in and how many ‘bounce’. Only way I can see is to create a form on the landing page and the bubble API once it’s complete to send them to the app as normal.

Also, loading an iframe or using the app as a landing page is pretty slow loading. A landing page on squarespace can be designed much easier and looks nicer on mobile etc, it’s also better for showing videos and is just a much better ‘sign up now!’ experience.