Add List Of Thing Into Database


I have a thing that is a farm. Inside farm, I have a list of products. I manually created a product in the database and now I’m trying to add the product to the unique farm.

Hi @samhouston1107,

Are you trying to add it through the database? If so, by default you need to type in the unique ID of the product. You can also change the search field to be something like the product name if you’d like.

Let me know if you’re trying to add the product in through a workflow.


I’m just trying to build the UI with data then I’ll create the workflows.

That’s where I need the most help. If you’re responsive I’ll reach out to you for a 1-hour session when I hit a major roadblock.

What’s your background?

Hi, that sounds great.

We also have a bunch of free tutorials that may help you get started too. I created to help people get over the learning curve of bubble.

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