Add more than one ID in a list of

Hi Bubble’s guys,

I am a begginer in bubble and i am trying to learn how does it work…
My problem is :

I created 2 DB :
Product with

  • name
  • amount
  • description


  • Product - list of

I can add a product to my Cart , but only one time…I can not add a Product twice. It 's seem the list of Product in my Cart can not contains a product ID more than one time ?

Do I have to set a value in the database settings ?

“Lists” in Bubble can not contain duplicates. For your case you’ll need to either make a field on Product like quantity to track the number of one Product in your carts or maybe a data type like “Selected Product” with fields “product” of type Product and “quantity” for number of those items. Then make “Cart” a list of “Selected Products”.

Thanks William,
I didnt think it should be so complicated :smiley:

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