"Add list" to a list field only those values ADDED by user on a multidropdown

I have a multidropdown with its default value reflecting a list field called “A” in the database, when a user selects additional items to the dropdown in addition to what was there before, i want to save those additional selected items to a separate list field called “B”.

So i have a “modify a thing” action with the field “B”, what do i write?

add list multidropdowns value and?..

B add list (or set list) multidropdown’s value :filtered, where the filter is unique ID isn’t in list A’s unique ID.

You take the multidropdown list and filter out list A’s items.


Thanks roman

How would you express that in bubble language? (After :filtered)

See screenshot for the same type of filter on a repeating group source. Instead of search for users :filtered, yours would be “multi-dropdown’s value :filtered”

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