This field is a list (multiple entries)

Can someone please direct me to a video, an working app, forum thread or anything where the correct us of this is displayed?

What i am trying to do is to create a data type field with multiple categories, kinda like ‘tags’ in a blog.

I first tried to use multi-drop down, which i was unable to get to save to the DB, will try that one again after i posted this :slight_smile:
Then i simplified it with a regular drop down as a single category (like a main category). It seems i made the same mistake as many when selecting the data type in the ‘Type of choice’ selection of the drop down properties, instead of ‘text’. But this is working now and i understand my error (if you are reading this and is still stuck, please see [SOLVED] Why I can't set a dropdown to have a default value?. Only read the first 4 posts, it was resolved SOOO easily by @emmanuel).
I am afraid that while i still learn bubble, i am confusing myself with things i see in the GUI and trying to understand them while the answer is right in front of me with a simpler solution.

Hi there,

I have just replaced a “tag” system (based on a repeating group and custom states) with the multi-dropdown.

It went from this …

To this …

In this case the “Tags” are on their own data type, called … type.

The dropdown then pulls back these types. Note that the default value is set in this way, as this is an edit page.

Types are stored as a list on the Pattern.

And then when the user chooses to save, I store the list of types from the dropdown into the list on the thing.


@NigelG You are a genius, thank you so very much, i was not able to create that, it seems so obvious now. It is not only how i ‘thought’ it should work, bit it is EXACTLY what i wanted!! Much neater and dynamic than the previous example.
Cheers mate.


Hi Nigel,

This walk through was very helpful, exactly what I’m trying to do. But, I’m having trouble getting the types set list to work. My setup is pretty much the same as yours.

Two things

Types contains a list of Organization types which I want to pull into a Groups list in a multi dropdown list.

Groups contains the basic information on each entity including selected Types.

My problem is I can’t get the types set list to work when I go to set up the new group in my workflow. I’m sure it’s something very basic I’m missing.

Sample file is here:

You can save the name and address, but not the type(s) of course.

Appreciate your help.



Hi Debbie,

You need to change the App privacy settings in Settings / General so I can have a look.

File is set to public. What else do I need to change?


Ah, I think your URL was mistyped somehow.

Have set up the page so it looks like it does what you want now. You needed to add the MultiDropdown element to the page, so you can save it as a list.

Let me know if I have misunderstood :slight_smile:

Thank you @NigelG! This reply of yours’ just came in handy while I had the exact same problem as @amphi.

I want to let a user choose up to multiple “tags” for each “thing” item that is submitted. The multiple “tags” is saved in one of the things fields, which is defined as a “list of tags”. I tried the whole day to make it work by having the submission “add” the multidropdown values to the field defined as list of “tags”.

While the answer lied in using “set list” option when adding multiple “tags” to a field that is defined as a list of things, as multiple “inputs” are submitted to the field and not just one, which would otherwise have meant using “add” option.

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