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Add List to a things thing

Hi there, I am creating an app which is somekind of a movie database.

I can create new movies with name, Director etc. and view the entries as well as edit them.

I have some problems adding actors. The Type “Movie” contains the Field “Actor” which is a list of the Type “Actor”.

In the App you should be able to add an Actor with Name, Role and Picture to the List.

All I can do is create a new Actor, who is an actor in general, so all the actors are the same for all movies.

How can I solve this problem?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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You need at least one of these two set-ups for your movie and actor data types:

  1. Type Movie that contains a field Actor, which is a list of actors. (You’ve done this)
  2. Type Actor that contains a field Movies, which is a list of movies.

Your workflow and displays can be achieved a few different ways if you have both, but you can achieve cross-referencing with only one of the data types containing a list since you can search the database for entires that contain the other entry in their list.

One example workflow:

  • Create a new actor with name and bio info. - Add that actor to a movie’s list of actors.
  • The movie page will display its list of actors in a repeating group; each cell is reading each actor’s info, so you can display name and bio info in each cell.

Another route:

  • Create a new actor
  • Add a movie to that actor’s list of movies
  • A movie page will have a repeating group sourced by a database search: “do a search for actors” then filter by actor’s list of movies contains current movie page’s movie. Only actors that have the movie whose page you’re on in their list will be displayed.