Trouble with Lists. Maybe you can help

I’m trying to do a mini IMDB.
I have films (title, hero image, youtube video, ect…) But I can’t get a list of cast and crew (name, role, bio, and photo) to work. I have the forms to add the content created, and a repeating group to view them, but I can only get the last one (in the list) to show.


Hero Image
Youtube video
Cast/Crew name (list item)
Cast/Crew role (list item)
Cast/Crew bio (list item)
Cast/Crew photo (list item)
end of group}

Let me know what you need to help me out.

First of all, you should restructure your database. From what I understand from your setup, you only have the “Film” table.

You should add a “Cast/Crew” table with the fields: name, role, bio, photo, etc. Then in the Film table, you should have a “List of Cast/Crew” field with the data type being the new “Cast/Crew” table you just created.

This may be a result of not having the database set up properly.

Let me know if this is still a problem,

That i didn’t realize was a thing.

Ok so here is how i have it set up.

In the CastCrew data type I have Name, role, bio, etc…

Then on the page my repeating group Type of Content is set to “Films”. Then each cell’s content is set like “Current Page Films’s List of CastCrew’s CC_Photo”.

  1. The List of CastCrew field needs to be a LIST of CastCrew, not 1.

  2. What data do you want to show in your repeating group?

My repeating groups should be Cast/Crew member: Photo, Name, Role, and Bio.

I created the List of CastCrew field to be a LIST of CastCrew, thanks for that!

It’s still not working correctly. I do see when I add the data in my form it is added to the CastCrew data type. But getting them to display is still not working.

Ok, then your repeating group’s data source just needs to be “Search for Cast/Crew”

If you’re still stuck, please screenshot your repeating group’s data source.

Repeating Group settings

Group items settings

Oh, I see. The Page’s content is “Film”. Got it. Your repeating group’s data source should be “This Page’s Film’s List of CastCrew”

Then the name should be “current cell’s Name”. Copy that same logic for the other 3 parts and you should be good!

When I set it to that the data source goes red unless I set the type of content to CastCrew.
Set to Films

Set to CastCrew

Still no success.

I thought you only had 1 repeating group. Do you have the CastCrew repeating group inside the Film repeating group?

I’m trying to do a repeating group (CastCrew) within a film.

Ok. I don’t understand why this isn’t working. Can you make your app public and share the link to your editor.

Does that work?

A link to your editor, not the development site.

is that in setting?

Settings → General → 13%20AM

Then copy and send the URL for the current page you’re working on.



Thank you!

But it’s still not showing on the page.

The repeating group’s data source is “Current Page Film’s List of CastCrew” So I’m wondering if my data isn’t associating cast and crew members with a film.

Ok if I manually add these ^ then it works.

Any ideas how to get them automatically added?