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Adding data to fields and data types

The DataType Users has a few fields, including Artists (which is a list of artists (a data type))

Then I have a DATA TYPE Artist.
Artist has three fields:
1.ArtistName (text field)
2. Series (list of texts)
3. Exhibitions (list of data type Exhibitions)

On my page I want to ADD data to these three fields.

  1. is easy

But I cannot figure out how to make the workflow for 2 and 3.

And I have read everything I can find on the Forum and the videos.

I know it’s easy…please help!

Can you give an example of what you mean by series and exhibit?

Yes, there isn’t much in the documentation on Actions that set lists sadly.

So you need to “Make Changes to Thing” on the Artist you have created.

Then chose the list field and do an “add” with the text / thing.

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Let’s write it!

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@NigelG I’m not getting those options in the dialogue box (or whatever the black box is called).

In Data I have:

And in Design I have a group (Type of content Artist, which may not be right)

What isn’t appearing ?

You can also do it in “Create a new Artist”.

Click Set another Field and then choose “Series”. Then add the text input for series.

Ah, No, I have all my data types and fields set up (correctly I hope).

I am trying to add data to the fields and lists.

So, in the Workflow, if I do it in “Create a new Artist” > “Series add This input’s value”
then I will also have to make a separate workflow to “User” (I suppose)

I’ve been trying this with "Make changes to a list of Users > Type: User > List to change > … and this is where I hit a red error whatever I try to do.

No, just do it all in the same workflow.

You can add “Series” when you create the Artist. That should work fine.

As long as you have already created Exhibition thing, you can do that as well. But if you need to create two things, and link them … you can do it further to the right in the list of actions.

Sorry, yes, I meant a second action within the same workflow. The problem is working out what to put in the dialogue box to add things to a list / make changes to a list / make changes to a User/Artist/Series etc.

It looks like you are making life a little complicated by using “value is changed” as the trigger on creating the thing. And then having other fields also triggering workflows when they change.

Might be simple to have a button to do the Add ? Then you can add the Artist and all the fields in one hit.

The problem with adding all fields in one hit, as I see it, it that Users will want to be adding new items to SOME of the fields, but not others, at a later date.

Is there some “technical” reason for NOT using “when value is changed” as a trigger for workflows?

No, not at all.

Creating your thing when you enter the page (or enter some key data) and then appending to that as you go along is fine.

As I remember, Artist is your “key” so maybe make them enter that first, create the Artist thing. Then open up all the other fields.

The bit that I thought was going to make life complex was creating your Artist thing when ANY data changed. So if you just add Date of Birth … do you then need to set up an Artist if one doesn’t exist etc

Hmm… a User could have more than one Artist, but initially they will be limited to just one (no problem, just a quick conditional). So really, the FIRST thing a User will do is create an Artist, with DoB. The problem I’m having now it fixing any new data to that Artist.

I have a list of Artists, and the “Series” data should be fixed to one specific Artist, but that’s the workflow I’m having problems with…

Yes :slightly_smiling:

Hence my suggestion to do it all at the same time to make it easier, you just refer to the step.

What you will have to do is store the Artist you have created somewhere. Maybe a group, or a custom state. Then refer to that when you do the updates. So on the “Create Artist” workflow, have a step that stores the Artist as a custom state.

Oh NO… Not custom states… really??? OK… where do I read up on them??

Is what I am trying to do really complicated? I’ve just read the latest Bubble Blog on “Lost and Found” and it seems pretty simplistic.


Use a group then. Works the same, pop the optional fields in a group, set the group to be an Artists content, and set this when you create the Artists. Then you can refer to the Parent Group’s Artist in the Make Changes to Thing.

So, in Workflow:

When Input is changed,
Element Action, Set State > Element = Group Artist …

But then I have to set a Custom State. And the Documentation is woefully inadequate on this, and have no clue…

When you Create Artist, you need to store that thing somewhere, so you can refer to it later when you do “Input Is Changed” action.

You can use Custom Elements (but then you don’t need a group).

or you can use a Group. So set your Group to be of type Artists.

Then > Element Actions > Group > Display Data … and point this to the Artist you have created.

The group will now have the current artist on it, so you can refer to it in subsequent actions.

So, I am setting the Group to “Artists” in Design view, with data source empty.

In Workflow, I can follow [quote=“NigelG, post:18, topic:1441”]
Then > Element Actions > Group > Display Data …

but at this point I have tried various combinations and got nothing.
Why is the documentation for Bubble so sparse?

How does this action FIX the Series data just inputted to the Artist Type for This User?

All you are doing there is setting the Group to be the Artist you are currently working on.

When you come to do the “Make Changes to thing” … the THING you want to change is the Group’s Artist. And change the field on that based upon the data changing.

So, you fix the Series data to the Artist by referring to the Group’s artist. The Artist is already fixed to the User (you did this when you added the Artist to the User List).