Add movie categories in database and fetching in page

I am working on Netflix clone app, Created tab section for list of movies. But I struggled with filtering the data using categories. Here I have attached the data I updated in database. Any one can help on this?

What exactly are you struggling with?

It’s a bit hard to help without knowing what the problem is… what have you tried?

I’m assuming you’re using a repeating group with either constraints on the search or a filter on a list…

Ya, I am using repeating group, under tab section like Netflix. I want to display data based on the category to each tab. I added three categories in database, but its not displaying when I try to add new constrain for the tab content. I am not sure whether I created the category properly, pls check the screenshots below.

Again, without knowing what you’re doing, what you’ve done, what you’ve tried, and what’s not working I can’t really help much…

What are the constraints you’re using on you search? What exactly is not working?..

Feel free to share more info if you want someone to try to help.


This is the page I am working on. Inside the tab section I used repeating groups. Now same data showing all three tabs, I want show based on categories.

Again, I can’t really help as I’ve got no idea what you’re doing, and you seem reluctant to share any meaningful info…

But you just need to add the correct search constraints on your data source (if you’re doing a database search), or apply a filter to the list (if you’re getting the RG datasource from a list field of another datatype)… e.g. use the Category2 field to filter by the appropriate value (assuming you’re using the options set category for that)… As you’re using buttons, you’ll need to set a custom state somewhere when the buttons are clicked, then use that custom state’s value in your constraints.

That should be all there is to it - it should be fairly simple.

If you’re struggling to get anywhere then I’d suggest you take a step back and go through the basic tutorials to learn how to do simple searches and apply basic constraints/filters, as well as the basics of using custom states.