Add multiple things to a custom state, then count and compare each thing appearance

Hello Bubblers,

Once again, seeking your support…

I have an RG of records Thing-1. Each record is associated with zero, one or several Thing-2. User clicks on RG’s records.

Goal — I need to create a list of Thing-2 for all user clicks. Then, I need to count the number of appearances of each Thing-2 and sort the them top down. On the end, I need a list of Thing-2 in this order.

Approach: I created a custom states “List of Thing-2” which is initially empty, and I attempt to add Thing-2 as user clicks on the RG’s records.

Problem: I can’t find a way to add multiple items to the custom state. “Add item” doesn’t work, because it can only add a single item. Oddly, I am getting an error “Value should be List of X but right now it is empty” (of course it is initially empty!) “Intersect with” doesn’t seem to work either.

Question 1: what am I doing wrong with the custom state and, perhaps, there is a better way to suit my goal?

Question 2: is there a way to do the desired sorting, or shall I look for a plugin?

Thanks a lot!

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I love the help you got. I’m going to try the suggested solution.

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