Add numbers to a list of numbers data field


I have some numbers (4,3,3,2,1) in a text box, separated by commas.

When I hit a button called “add numbers to the list”, I want this numbers to be added as a list to a data field called “number list” which is obviously (I guess) a list of numbers.

How can I build that work flow?

Thanks in advance!

Not sure. You might need to use Regex to extract the individual numbers first. Could you redesign it to have multiple input fields to hold each number?

Robert, thanks for your help!

I am just trying to find ways to solve this problem (please see the link below), I’ve tried to solve it in different ways for several days but I am still stuck. I would appreciate if you could take a look (link below):

Thanks! :+1:

Ok, I’m going to post my reply over there.

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