Evaluating to a list of texts

Hey all,

So I’m making an API call and one of the API fields says (list) when I initialize it meaning there are multiple entries that can be returned.

This API field is for mobile phone numbers.

So in my database, I want to save that field as a list of texts.

My first question is: Does a number such as +123455678911 count as text or a number (due to the +)?

My second question is: when I’m setting up the workflow, how do I make the whole list appear:

Whatever I seem to press, the field stays red:


I’ve attached two pictures to show an example of what I’ve tried and the options that pop up.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hey @alasadi.m1738 :wave:

Getting up and running with APIs can be a pain.

If you are saving it like this to the dB, it is text most likely. As far as I know, A number can only have the . character.

Can you show a sample of the api response?

How do you have the mobile phones field configured in The dB?

Hi @alasadi.m1738

After initializing the API call, it gives you options, you specify how you want to save the incoming data, if you used the database as a list of text, show that the incoming data is a text and save it.

You used “add” when saving the data, it is only used to add an item, you should have used the “add list” option instead.

Hope it helps!


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Tell me about it haha.

But I think I sorted it out - you made me realise that whilst one input from the initialization was a text, in my database it was a list of numbers.

I managed to turn it blue.


Hey Eren,

Thank you for this.

My question is what does ‘add list’ do compared to just ‘add?’


This :arrow_up: Is what I was thinking too! Either add list or set list will probably be appropriate here.

Take an entire list and add it to the end of a list

Take a single item and add that to the end of a list


Interesting - thanks for the help.

A little error is now happening which is slightly weird - some of the API information being shown on the repeating group is correct and dynamic (based on the input) but some fields returned are the static information from the API initialization.

Would you know why this happened and how to fix it?

The repeating group’s fields are all based on what is saved in the database - so I don’t think the problem is the repeating group.

It’s probably somewhere in the API plugin area or the workflow (but the workflow is only a button trigger which saves some API fields into the database then displays on the RG)