Adding plugins causes app to crawl/hang

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to check with everyone before posting a bug report. Whenever we click “Add Plugin” in our apps it takes a bit of time for the popup screen with all the plugins to become responsive. This especially happens when you load it the first time. Subsequent loads are faster though.

Sometimes the whole app slows to a crawl or even is unresponsive (happens more often than we like). Is anyone facing this issue? Also, we found after the first plugin list load the memory consumption climbs by an average of 200 Mb and processing remains at around 96% for an average time of +160 secs (this greatly fluctuates. of course depending on my pc’s processing power) [currently running i7 with 16 GB ram]

Anyone else facing this issue?


+1 on this. Opening the Plugin popup definitely causes my app to crawl for awhile.

Well it’s a pretty large amount of data, right? More than 1000 plugins now.

For me same thing.

Same for me

The same issue.
My PC’s configuration - 32GB RAM, i9.

It looks like their system loads all plugins - and then filters these by constraints. That’s why it works slowly.
Or maybe they are using the merged option - that’s also not a good one.

Thanks for all the feedback guys, will defiantly submit a bug report for this. It’s a constant pain


Yup, it’s been like that for me since I started using bubble. Sometimes it takes several minutes before I can actually start typing.

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