Plugin Store Killing All Bubble Links...Continued

This is still an issue and is really getting slower by the day as the plugin library builds up.

cc @eve


Can fully concur. I spent almost 10 minutes slowly dragging the page to find a plugin not showing up in search and praying it wouldn’t crash.


Yup, it’s become so slow now (around 5 minutes to open) so whenever I need to go in there I time it with a snack break.

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@Bubble should consider using their partnership with Algolia and use them to index all the plugins.

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When you create a revolutionary product that stands unrivaled for almost a decade but fails to index a list of 1000 text objects. :joy:

Just a joke, don’t hurt me :sweat_smile: :joy:


You’re kind of right about this. But I don’t have problems with the plugins page (must be because memory in that case)… what I have trouble with is “My Apps” tab. I have 58 apps and my My Apps page takes more than 12 seconds to become interactive.


The plugin finder only takes 5 secs to load. (Of course, both of these metrics suck, but it’s the app thing that bugs ME).

My plugin finder experience:

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I’m the same way Keith. My new computer handles the plugins beautifully now. I used to struggle with plugins a lot though. I have only 32 GB of memory now but the computer is still a beast. I was sad to see my apps still loading slowly though. Really both lists need to improve.

For plugins, I found myself constantly going to for searching for the plugins instead since it loaded faster.


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@keith your outfit rocks!!! ‘havana’

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I’m hiding from the ‘Vid at my house in Palm Springs, CA. It’s 5000 degrees F and the sun is trying to kill you. So, I have a totally different wardrobe than when I’m in SF.

Thanks for the ups! :man_shrugging::smile: