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Add "Select Parent" Keyboard Shortcut

Would be nice to have a “Select Parent” Shortcut.

Basically adding this function


and by default selecting the parent directly above the currently selected element.

Another implementation would consist of functionality like switching tabs in Chrome: Cmd/Ctrl+Page Up = go tab left, Cmd/Ctrl+Page Down = go tab right. In Bubble that could be Cmd/Ctrl+Page Up = [Select parent] and Cmd/Ctrl+Page Down = [Select the element under the current element] — as a result of these functional shortcuts you could very quickly navigate across multiple layers :sunny:

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I’ll second this request. This would be incredibly helpful, especially when I have an element (ex. repeating group) nested inside of a group that has a snug fit.


This describes my main issue nicely. I can’t select tightly-knit outer layers without first clicking an inner nested layer, opening the option panel, scrolling down, clicking select a parent dropdown menu, figuring out which layer I need to select in order to get to the outer layer I am trying to get to in the first place, and clicking again.

I third this request. I have the same issue. After I work around use the edit dialog, I also find it hard to make slight adjustments because this path removes the ability to move the selected group around with the arrows. I often try to click and drag it with the mouse which just sets to focus back on the child object. The only way to move the parent group that I have found is to go through this and move the handles using the mouse or type new coordinates in. In addition to the OP’s hotkey, I would also suggest another hotkey or “shift” button modifier that allows us to drag a focused group without selecting any child object inside it.