Selecting a Parent HELP


I am probably missing something super simple… but how do you select a parent?

I go to the bottom of the Appearance section, click on the “select parent” dropdown, and select the page/group I want to select as parent. Then I get directed to “the page/group I want to select as parent”'s Appearance section, and nothing changes.

I think it’s weird to be honest.

I quite don’t understand whats going wrong here, maybe you can elaborate on your question a bit more?

Normally the select parent dropdown only helps you to select (and find) the parent element of the current item. The very top parent element is always the current page you are working in.

I hope this helps to shed some light on your issue…

Cheers @js1

Oh okay, so the current item always has a parent? Even if I don’t select one?

In that case, how do I change it?


Yes, every element is nested within another element. Just as any existing html page is being built. If you would like to have another parent element for you current element, you simply move it into that one per drag’n’drop - pointing and clicking :slight_smile:

Lets say you have a text element and you want to have it nested into a group, then you simply create that group element and move your text element into it.

The dropdown for selecting the parent is not meant to assign a parent, its just a little help to find a parent (or parent of a parent of a parent) of the current element. This comes quite handy when you have a complex structure with a lot of nested elements.


Thank you @js1

sure no problem! Maybe you want to mark your post as solved here (only if this is the case now :slight_smile: )

It seems I can’t drag and drop a pop-up reusable element, of which I try to change the parent. It only selects the page as “parent” and not the group I place it in, and it seems I can’t choose a data source for the page (I need the dynamic input “parent groups thing” to react).

How do I make the dynamic input “parent groups thing” in the pop-up react, when the only parent I can have is “the page”?

A pop up has no parent, or if so it can only be the page. A popup therefore does not inherit any data automatically. You have to set the data type of the popup according to the things you want to show in the popup. You can then assign dynamic data as a data source with a workflow (Element Actions > Group > Display Data).

Maybe it s a good idea to check all the tutorials first to get used to the way bubble works with dynamic data in elements. It was very helpful to me, when i started using bubble.

I think I understand this behavior now, but I must say that I was quite confused by it. The layout of the UI implies that Select parent is meant to assign a parent to the currently active element. Instead, it just makes the chosen element active. Perhaps Navigate to parent would be more clear. Even then, it seems out of place under the Appearance tab. :slightly_frowning_face:

EDIT / SUGGESTION: Automatically revealing the current element in the tree view when it is selected on the page would eliminate the need to have Select parent and Reveal in the Elements tree in the Appearance tab of the inspector.


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