Add server units will increase editor performance?

Hi All,

I manage my app in a single page so that when it become bigger the editor get slower and slower, now I have to restart browser every 15 mnt. I have tried to boost (which add 1 unit) seems it comes a little bit better. I do not mind to add few more server units but need to make sure it won’t be in vain…is anyone can àdvise how far additional units can improve editor

I’m in end phase of developing my app so that to reorganize my app into smaller parts in different pages is not an option

add: I’ve test part of my app in other page, the editor works fast so i think there is no problem with pc or connection…i think my bubble server capacity which is not sufficient to run editor for such a big single page. I’m in professional plan now


Hi @anwarsby

I made this mistake too (3 years ago). Now, with Bubble, each section has its own page. The problem is that our javascript program (file) is too big into one page. Bubble are working on how to minimize this file constantly. Increasing capacity is not going to change anything in my opinion. Instead, you need to increase your computer’s memory by 100%. I understand very well the challenge in which you are, and sympathize with you.

I have done some research into this and found that its the browser memory and not really Bubble’s fault.

Although maybe they could create some type of isolation into whats loaded.

My computer has 32 gb of ram, I7 processor, ssd drive, cable internet and i get pretty much the same response as my laptop does with 4gb of ram.

I’ve noticed performance issues in the editor seem to stem from a variety of things. In your case, I’d consider the potential issues below in bold.

  1. Hardware environment (available CPU, RAM, etc)

  2. Size of page being edited. Bigger is slower.
    a. Turning off the issue checker in the editor can help a lot with this using the parameter `&issues_off=true’
    b. Oftentimes a restart is simply necessary

  3. Network performance.

  • This is often overlooked and can stem from poor internet connection, but just as often issues with the bubble main cluster.
    - I’ve been editing over this past weekend and have noticed poor performance where I’m getting latent saving performance, which can trigger lag inside the editor and seems to force the need for more frequent browser refreshes. . Solution? Dedicated cluster? Complain to bubble, I guess?
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Hi @JohnMark thanks for sharing. I start to think to break it down into smaller pages for each section, the main work (70%) is navigation. Luckily i have standardized quite much including group/subgroups nav schenario so that moving from one to another group either in the same or different parent group is quite easy with only 1 action…but the rest is… re testing…pff…:disappointed_relieved:

Another big thing i am facing with multipage is page loading where it still start with white blank screen. My app targets are mobile users, whereas mobile internet speed in my area is not yet that good so it can take 4-8 sec to load…its not good to let user with blank white screen that long. What solution you can suggest? A kind of loader that work “before” page load?

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does it means in my case…no other way than break down my app into smaller page? your suggest pls?

(i have no knowledge in IT stuffs or tech…:blush:)

Hi thanks for sharing, i can give a try with your 2.a suggest. One question is is there any different on how editor works/result when use this parameter? Or maybe i have to be carefull/pay attention on certain things…

Hi @anwarsby

If your mobile app is on a single page (which is preferable) and once in memory in your mobile (iphone 5 or 6 version) the speed is acceptable, I suggest you stay as is. If Bubble editor is slow, simply add memory to your system. From experience, the results vary depending on a PC or MAC.

Hello guys,
Try to use Firefox Developer Edition. A page never crashes there.
There are a couple of things which Firefox doesn’t display right only.

Hi @JohnMark now i use i5 processor/8gb ram, windows 10, chrome browser. I’ve checked when working with main app page (the big one), when editor starts to be frustating my chrome only use around 2g memory and get almost stuck when reach around 2.5gb. I never open any other app so that when working with bubble editor total memory used only around 30%-40%. The weird one is when I move from this big page to the smaller one (part of my app i separate just to check) the memory used still above 2gb but editor run fast.

If the case is ram size then i have to buy a new more powerfull laptop. Its ok for me if i have to, just to make sure

So my problem is only editor. There is no problem with running app both test or live version on mobile device (android/ios), by using single page it takes 5-15 sec to load but then everything run pretty fast.

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Hi, i’ve tried point 2.a, it is better…still far from fast as expected but quite better. Tks

Interesting. My development environment is MacOS and I’ve tried Firefox for that and had varying results. In general, the best JS performance I’ve seen running on any webpage is Safari. The bubble editor is no exception.

Hi @anwarsby,
I usually build single page apps and found that the memory usage is high when the elements are visible in editor. If you can, make your top level groups hidden by default and then display the ones which you actually wanna edit by clicking the element tree manually. That might speed things up a little bit.


Hi @gaurav yes that’s what I do. Almost all groups are not visible by default, I use custom state to make a group visible. When working with editor usually I only open the group I am working with. And there are only few groups visible by default at low levels in structures.

What i need to know is if memory is the only case? I’ve tried to add parameter to switch off issues as suggested above and yes memory used dramatically reduced, but the speed doesn’t improve that much. And when i almost stuck actually memory used is only around 50% max.

I have lack of knowledge in IT stuff actually😥

You can go to a computer store, and do the test on a high performance mac or pc just to validate. Good news that the app takes an average of 10 seconds to open on a mobile and runs fast.

@JohnMark thanks for advise…I will do…check with higher perf pc

Hi all,

Just update on this thread…I have tried with I7 16g ram still no difference. So it seems bubble limit

Now I decide to stay using single page, when editing I copy particular part into othèr page then copy it back to main page after finished. I set up some more rule to standardize and minimize effort to edit when the part edited is copied back to main page.