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Add stretch to fit to input element

It would be nice to have stretch to fit for a input element the same way it is available in the multiline input element.

The use case is I am making a list of things. On display the will have a bullet point next to them. The rich text editor is not an option as I don’t want to rely on the user to add the bullet points. Instead they enter single ideas (this is for a list of job duties like on a CV) that are usually one or two sentences.

After the user enters the details as single entries displayed entries have bullet points next to them.

Right now I am using a multiline input element to stretch to fit content so that my responsive UI looks good across devices and the user can see the entire text they enter.

My issue with the multiline input is the user can press the enter or return key to ‘skip’ a line which I’d like to avoid. The problem now is that the input element doesn’t have the stretch to fit content available and when the users text becomes longer than the input element the beginning of the text is no longer viewable, making it impossible for a user to review what they wrote.


I have the exact same use case, and I’m now forced to decide between “stretch to fit” and “enter key” functionality.

Bubble team: pls add “stretch to fit” to the input element.

+1 to this request