Prevent Line Break and Submit Multiline Input on "Enter"

This problem has come up almost any time I have a list of inputs. Let’s say I have a repeating group with a list of things, and an input / multiline input in each cell with autobinding enabled so the user can enable a list of things.

Here’s the problem: if the content the user enters is greater than one line, I have to make use of the multiline input. However, in a multiline input the enter key is used to create a line break rather than submit the entry. In many cases, UX would be much better if a user could hit “enter” to move on to the next item in the list, rather than creating a line break.

@boston85719 brings this point up here, but basically, any time you want to edit a list of things or apply specific formatting (bullet points, numbers), you have to use a list of inputs and not the RTE.

This would also apply for messaging (texting, social media comment sections), any time you want a multiline to submit the entry rather than enter a line break.

The mouse & keyboard interactions docs say that enter key explicitly won’t work, so I’m not sure if there’s a way to change the way a multiline treats the enter button. Is there a good workaround for this? What’s the best practice for editing a list of inputs?


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