Add Users to text in Input element with an "@" Trigger

Hello Awesome Bubblers,

I was just wondering how to add text via popup similar to what is available in these bubble forms: When I type “@” for example that triggers a popup with options where I can click an option and that adds text to the input box. Here are the requirements and I’m stuck at part 3.

  1. I have a multiline input.
  2. While typing, if the text shows @ then it shows a popup RG showing different users.
  3. That Popup RG group is listed next to (but not in the way of) the trigger-text (in this case the @) and not just simply off to the side of the Multi-line text element.
  4. I can click one cell out of the Repeat group and that selected cell inputs text right after or in place of the trigger-text but not in place of all of the text that has been already typed.
  5. WITHOUT A BUTTON TO TRIGGER THE WORKFLOW: The new text and the Trigger Text is reformatted to be highlighted.

I’m still going to be working on this but as I do I thought I put feelers out there to see if anyone already knew how to accomplish this task. I’m assuming that the solution is going to come through some sort of combination of the following: Auto-binding, set state, make a thing that has a list of texts to which we’d modify with the trigger text?

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