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How to pause for a second

How can one display a message on screen e.g. Loading and then vanish it after a specific time interval e.g. 2 seconds ? the show/hide or animate features are not helpful as they execute linearly without stopping


Ive also thought about this. I think a worflow action of " wait for x amount of seconds" would be very helpful.


Yep. This is becoming a major bottleneck for something I’m building using bubble

I second that. I would use this to solve this with another issue i am facing

A workaround would be to change a thing “isloading” to yes when you want to trigger it.
Then create a “Do every 5 seconds” Workflow set to 2 seconds combined with checking if a condition is being met (isloading = 1) and use it to then set the “isloading” to no.

Create two workflows with conditions. One checks if “isloading” is yes, use it to show the loading effect.
One checks if it’s no, use it to hide it.

Not tested, just an idea.

I put up a simple example of what I mean. I have yet to figure out how to check for a Thing’s value in a Workflow to be honest.

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Can’t you just show an altert? They are timed.

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An alert would work, wouldn’t it ?

Yes but with this you can use virtually any element, including popups, which lock the site. Basically what you see when you open your bubble project.

And it can be used for pause purposes as well.