First time app deployment


I want to deploy my app to live version for the first time. Do I need to recreate all data types and fields in live version or will they be recreated by bubble in live version by default? Since live is read-only, bubble is not allowing me to create any fields for data types in the backend.


The entire data structure will be replicated
every time you deploy to live. There is an additional option to copy the actual test data to the live db as well, but care should be used after live data has been created so you don’t inadvertently overwrite with dev.

Thanks for your help mebeingken!

@mebeingken Could you provide more details about how to copy the actual development data to the live DB ? Thanks in advance.

@antoine.sepulchre, go the Data >> App data tab and click the red Copy and restore database link in the upper-righthand part of the screen. As @mebeingken mentioned, you should be very careful when copying data to live because you are overwriting the data in the live database with the data that is in the development database at the time when you perform the action.


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Amazing thanks @mikeloc I actually had all my users in the development database and just deployed so no risks to overwrite the live database as it was still empty.
Wishing you a beautiful Sunday ! :grinning: :+1:

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