Integrate with but with only one set of user registration

Is it possible to integrate bubble login with a discourse site but keeping only one set of user registration? ie. the same way bubble’s discourse forum and its app uses the same user registration. I know a SSO can replace discourse authentication, just not sure how to implement it with bubble (if it is possible at all).


I’m currently working on this. I haven’t had time yet, but my plan is to finish it this month. It doesn’t look hard at all, check out the discourse tutorial:

It looks like you setup API endpoints to transmit and receive Base64 encoded payloads, do a couple re-directs in a workflow, and then send Discourse the email address (or other identifier) for the user.

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Did you make this happen?
I’m trying to do the exact same thing SSO for discourse.

@Emmanuel are you able to help out, as this is something you would have done already for bubble

  • “” claims their own site is built using their own software
  • themselves have a Discourse forum install
  • Their forum uses SSO

We haven’t exposed this as a feature yet, this is hardcoded for our forum currently.


Do you think this can be achieved using bubble API calling functionality?

Or do you see any hurdles/roadblocks that would prevent this from being achieved?

I think we’d have to add some features to Bubble to do this, so it wouldn’t work currently. We can talk about sponsorship if you’re interested.


Sure tell me about sponsorship, what is that and how would it work?

Email us at to talk about it

@mohamad.r.khan @supernaturally @hw1 are you guys still interested in having this feature? We could possibly help getting this sponsored.

We’re all interested - it seems like the Bubble team has other milestones they need to accomplish before they enable the features for supporting Discourse: