Adding a link (hyperlink) is messing up my design

I have a group whose container layout is a row. Within the group, I have many elements.
I’d like to add a hyperlink to the group (and not a go-to-page action in workflow). And I’d like this link element to be on top of the group, so that the entire group is a link.

Unfortunately, when I add the hyperlink, it messes up my design, and I can’t have the link as a layer over the group.

I understand that if the group layout were “fixed” then I could add a link on top of the group. But because the group has to be a “row” then the link takes up space, instead of being layered on top of the group.

I hope my explanation is clear. Is there a fix to this?

Use a group with Align To Parent Layout.

Have your Row group inside that, as well as a link element.

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Thanks; it took me a while to try it out but it did work

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