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Is there a way to make a group a link element?


I’m trying to make a group a link element so people can open them in a new tab and so it’s recognized as a link for SEO, but seems like the link element is only for text? Is there a way to accomplish this for a group?

If it’s helpful this is an example of the group I want to wrap in a link:

Yeaa I think that’s probably my best bet, thanks. Such a commonly done thing in web dev, seems like something bubble should have support for, but this will do.

Can you explain this a little more? If I put a link inside a group and hover over the group, it doesn’t show a link URL as the destination in Chrome (bottom-left). Do you mean just to add the link inside the group for SEO purposes?


You can set the group to be a link if this works in terms of what you need. Or you can lay the link on top of the group with the same responsive settings so that it sizes up to the group.