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Adding an element to an existing group

So I want to add an element (a Link) to an existing group (a MENU).

What I tried was to group the elements. But instead, a NEW GROUP was formed so that the hierarchy is now:

    • Link
    • MENU

As you can see, the Link and the MENU are now on the same hierarchical level.

This is not what I wanted. Rather I wanted the MENU to be the parent of the Link.

How can I resolve this please? I’m sure it’s an easy fix, but I don’t know where to start.

Trying to see if I can help. Could you explain in a different way what you are trying to accomplish? There are a number of topics in this forum that deal with creating sub-menus items you can find with a search.

Or are you just talking about making a group inside a group inside another group? You can show and hide things using the “on hover” conditional; so that would give you a clue on how to create your own.


So what I need is only a group called MENU, that has different links in it.
Some of these links are already in it.

Now I tried making a new link within the group. But for some reason it was not made part of the MENU group.

So I tried adding it to the group. I selected the Link together with the MENU group and clicked “Group elements into a group”.

But that instead created a NEW GROUP. This now has 2 children: the Link and the MENU group.

What I need instead of this is that the Link is becoming a child of the MENU group. And the NEW GROUP can disappear/be deleted.

Create a group, expand it. Make it blue. Call it menu.
Make a group inside the blue group. Make it purple. Expand it but still smaller that the blue group.
Inside the the purple group create a link element, smaller than the group.


Then problem is that when you right click on an element and select Group Element… It makes a group exactly the size of the element itself. So it’s hard to see what you did. Grab the expanding “ears” to expand it and see the new group.

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Thank you, this is solved!

You are welcome although a minor thing beginners need to be aware of. Please mark my post as the solution, you will find a checkmark.

I am available for Bubble development or instructions. Please check my profile.


It’s annoying and messy to have an extra purple group. Really I just want my link to be part of the blue group. Is there no way to do this?

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I have the very same problem. For some reason, an element on my index was left behind when group A was being created. Now I want to see if I can make that element a Group A"child".

Thank you. 2 years late and this helped me!