Adding a repeating group list to a list of things in a database table

Hi Guys,

So basically I have a repeating group and a few inputs outside the repeating group. long story short the method by which the workflow operates is the following:

  1. API data refreshes every X minutes in the input fields and creates a database entry (eg, temp, humidity, pressure)
  2. These database entries are then displayed in a repeating group.

What I would like to achieve is to “close” the list off every 24 hours and add the list to a list in another data type.

so for eg I have a data type called “temp_report” where all the entries are stored every X minutes which then populates the repeating group. After 24 hours I would like to add all those entries to another data type called “main report” which has a field which is a list of “temp_report’s” and then delete the original list (this part I know how to do)

So basically just move a list of data entries with multiple fields into another data type with a list of these entries.

I hope this makes sense.