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Adding a survey option to social app

Hey guys, I’ve built a social app similar to tinder and am having test users for it. I want them to be able to take a survey on the platform, how can I add that option?

A simple way is to create a ‘Form’ data type and change the User data type to contain a ‘Form’ entry.
The Form data type contains n text fields where ‘n’ is the number of questions you want to ask them.

Now, on the form page, you simply provide one text input field for each question you want to ask. When the user fills this out and clicks on ‘submit’, the workflow creates a new ‘Form’ thing, assigns the user’s responses to the corresponding text fields within this ‘Form’ thing and finally adds this ‘Form’ thing to the ‘Current User’ thing.

Once that’s done, you can easily view all your users’ responses, or even download them as a CSV.

Ranjit | Blur Apps

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