Seamless Surveys

So I’m intending to make surveys for users of my web application on bubble, and I tried using google forms. Which works just fine for this purpose but it consume time on our part and on users part as well as many users don’t bother to fill them in the first place.

So I was thinking if I could have a more seamless experience taking a survey like this one made by bubble

I wanted to ask what’s the best way to do it? to make it appear like this is not the problem but I mean like to appear for users who didn’t fill it only. Maybe appear for different users at different times, in case of more than one question, to make them appear in different times so the user answer it without feeling he’s consistently being surveyed?

What I was thinking is to have a data type “Surveys” with a text field “Question” and a yes/no field “Status” for active surveys and a list of users who filled it, and a data type “Response” with a text field. and when some page loads in the workflow it in the “when the page load” workflow I make a popup of active survey appear only when users is not the the list of users who filled it. However, this way I guess is pretty naive and this way it will keep appearing for the user every time he opens that certain page not occasionally.

I’m curious if anyone has a better way where I don’t make heavy Do a search for and it doesn’t interrupt the user experience.

Hey there @ahmadnaser16an,

This is personal preference, but for that kind of stuff I typically like using a third-party tool because they’re usually built to have advanced analytics, etc.

I believe Bubble uses delighted if memory serves correct.


Thanks a lot