Build a user/services matchmaking web app


I’m looking for someone to build a form/quiz that would allow to match users with services they qualify for.

The services will each have a set of qualifying criterias, and the prospects will either qualify/disqualify themselves for 1 or more of these services by answering a set of questions.

Ex: 10 services initially available > Question 1 answered > 7 services matching > All questions answered > Only 3 services matching + a description about those matching services + “tick box” to apply for 1 or more of these services > further tailored questions based on selected services (further matchmaking with more detailed criterias)

Typeform support mentioned to me that this would not be possible with Typeform as a standalone nor would it be possible to pull out the filtered data from a database and show the results in Typeform.

Therefore, please correct me if I’m wrong (this is my first attempt at such a project), but I think one way to go about it would be to use TypeForm/Formstack for the Form Building since that is their core business and then use Bubble to link the form with a database (where the filtering and calculations actually happen) and pull back the results into a GUI giving the impression to the user that he has not left the form.

Please kindly let me know what you think, if I’m looking at it from the right angle or if there is an easier way.

Even better, let me know if this project would be of interest to you.


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Hello @JHL,
I would like to help.

Reach me on my Skype ID: cis.ron or send me an email on

Ron A.

You can use TypeForm for the survey because they have nice looking survey’s and then connect that to Bubble via an API. However, it might be easier to build all of it in Bubble. Really depends on the details of your project though.

Best of luck!


I have gone over your requirements and a confident I will be able to achieve your goals

You can reach me on


Thanks, wil do.


Thanks wil do.


Thanks for your input Scott!

If Bubble allows for as many features as Typeform’s surveys (including security and encryption) I have nothing against building everything with Bubble…


PS: Sorry everyone If I’ve used the reply function poorly. It’s my first post…

Thanks for the confirmation will be waiting for the response from your side


PM’ed you. pelase, check.



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