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Adding an array of items to a list data type


I have a backend workflow that I am passing in data, and one of the JSON fields is an array that I want to add to a list data type field in one of the “tables”. I am having a really hard time finding how to accomplish this (which I am sure I am just missing something simple). Can anyone point me to a video or explain how to do this?

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@raynellbell I made a video last week–sounds like you’re trying to do something different but this might give you some insight into how you might solve your problem. Hope this helps!

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Greetings @jacobgershkovich ,

This is very close! Essentially, I have a field that is a data type list (which references an option set) on one row. This field can contain 1 to N inside it as a potential selection from the option set ( for example, a property can have a list of amenities). In the API, I am sending an array of possible selections to be stored in that field for that one row.

I hope I didn’t muddy the water