Adding changes from live to development


My site has been unable to update for almost a week now. I can’t publish from dev to live because I get the above error.Client is very angry I can fix an error. If this can’t be fixed very soon I will have to create my app somewhere more dependable. I’ve been working in Bubble for many years and have never run into this before. I have sent to bug reports and have heard nothing back.

I don’t even understand why the Live site needs to update the Dev site? I thought it was read only?

I haven’t run into this. Contact Bubble support.

Version control is described here in the docs, and the sync behavior here.

Since you’ve already submitted a couple bug reports, I would take @ed727’s advice and contact support directly at [email protected]. Just provide the bug report number(s) and request a status update.

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I was finally able to solve this issue. I had to upgrade my plan to allow me to go back far enough in history. It was trial and error to figure out how far to go back without losing the changes I had made in recent versions,

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