Adding data for users in Production 😱

Let’s say I’m doing a change in my DB structure and in order for everything to work right for existing users I want to add things “for them” in the data base through a backend workflow operated through “Bulk” action in the DB view in the editor.

  • If I’m adding fields to existing things/change values of fields this way everything works great.

*If I’m trying to add things, these things are created by a “deleted user” and won’t be shown to the user because of privacy rules.

Solutions I thought of:

  1. Create a one-time work flow that will initiate the backend work flow when a user logs in.

  2. Create a hidden button that initiates this backend workflow, then log in as a user and click on this button, the backend workflow will create these things with this user as a creator and everything will work except that I don’t want to log in as my users (doesn’t feel right + much work…)

  3. Create a field for this “things” which will read “forUser”, add the user to this field and change the privacy rules.

Is there anything I’m missing? Can’t I create things directly from the DB?


If you are creating things through Bulk action in your database, the field Created By will be always empty.

I was afraid this will be the answer but thanks!

Do you want this new thing to have a specific creator!? Can’t be an admin?

It can’t be an admin because I have privacy rules which says that users can find this thing only if they are the creator.
If I set a privacy rule which say that they can see this also if an admin created it, all users will be able to see all other users’ these types of things.
Also I’m not sure “deleted-thing” = “app admin”.

So I guess I’ll have to use one of the solutions I’ve mentioned above.

@baum.mori Did you find a solution to this? I’m in the exact same situation and have also thought of some of the solutions you mention, but none of them are really ideal for me.

There must be some way of bulk adding things to existing users’ databases.