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Adding data from dropdown to thing for user

I’m building a very basic management tool and I have a repeating group of eCommerce brands.

In the repeating group there is a dropdown in every row with the values Message, Awaiting Product and In Progress.

I’m wondering what the best approach is for this setup.

I have Option Sets for the dropdown values and I have a Data Type of ‘eCommerce Brands’.

How can I make it so the value in the dropdown that is set by the user is saved for that ‘eCommerce brand’ for that user, baring in mind each user could set different dropdown values.

I tried creating a new User data field as ‘Status’ which was a ‘List of eCommerce Brands’ and then having a workflow for ‘when Dropdown’s value is changed’ > ‘Make changes to Current User’ and setting field as ‘Status add Parent Groups eCommerce Brand’ but I don’t think it was registering unique values per row.

I’ve done something similar for bookmarking an eCommerce brand and that works but I think I’m getting confused with the option sets and dropdown in this.

Any help here much appreciated!

Hi there, @unanimousugc… if I understand your post correctly, you probably need to have a new custom data type that has a field for an eCommerce Brand and a field for a status. Then, when a user changes the dropdown for a particular eCommerce Brand, create a new thing in the new data type for that brand and the dropdown’s value only if a thing for that brand created by the current user doesn’t already exist. If it does exist, make changes to the thing, and change the status to the dropdown’s value.

Hope this helps.