Saving a user's selection from a dropdown

Hi everyone,

Thanks for this great forum! :slight_smile:
I’m pretty new to Bubble. Although I’ve done my best to find the answers to the question, and went through a lot of tutorials, I can’t really solve my problem.

I’d like to create a pretty simple website, where a User can log in, and select choices from a few dropdowns. So far, so good.

However, I would like that whenever a user logs in again, he/she would retrieve his selection from the dropdowns. Basically, I don’t want the dropdown to go back to the placeholder’s value.
Would that be feasible?

(Quick explanation on the why: I basically want to create a sort of “Project Management” website, where the tasks are already defined, and the user simply needs to select from the dropdowns whether each tasks is “To do”, “Ongoing”, “Blocked”, or “Done”. So the idea is that whenever the user logs in, he sees the task’s status that he entered during his last session. It’s as simple as that :smiley: )

I hope my explanation is clear.
Thank you!!

Of course…

Just save the values to the database (on the User datatype) in a workflow…

Then set the dropdown’s default value to the Current User’s data.

Hi Adam,
Alright, thanks a lot.
In order to do this, should the choices of the dropdowns be dynamic?

Not necessarily, although it’s probably simpler that way (and generally better)…

Sorry mate, I’m gonna sound really silly but I can’t manage to “Save the values to the database on the User datatype”.

So what I’ve done is:

  1. In the User’s Data type, I’ve created a new field, called “Status of the task”, and setup as “text” field type.
  2. Then I’m trying to set up a workflow so that the value of the dropdown will be saved under this field… but I struggle to do it: I’m putting “When dropdown’s status is changed”, and then none of the proposed actions corresponds. (see picture).

Would you have a clue about how I could do it?

Sorry again for my silly questions…And thank you for your time!

Nevermind I got it!
Make change to a thing, thing is current user, status of the task is: This dropdown’s value :smiley:

Thanks Adam!

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