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I am having trouble sending data from repeated groups into a new page and so I decided to make my application a single page one, by using popups.

I have successfully managed to load single cell’s data into popups, although I need a unique URL (/slug) to be generated for the popup, when a different repeating group item is displayed.

Would that be possible?

What challenges were you having with the original method? It strikes me as odd that it wasn’t working, so I want to dig in a bit there.

Maybe you can use url parameters and display different pop ups depending on the page url parameter?

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Thanks! I will look into that

It is a bit complicated for me as I am new to this. What I’m trying to do is display the artwork of database entries in 2 different repeating groups in the index page. Both groups contain the same type of information, just different conditions and sorting. Going with popups was the easiest solution when I first started, as I simply want users to view all the information when they click on a single cell.

Now I need a unique url basically for each database entry.

The first method of sending data to a page is still going to be the better method in the long run.

Make sure that the Detail page has a content type set to it. It should be the same data type as the the Thing you’re sending. So, if your data type is called “Artwork” and you’re displaying a list of Artwork on the index, then the Detail page’s content type is “Artwork”

Then, your workflow when you click on a repeating group item in the index page would be: When button/text is clicked > go to page “Detail” > Data to send = current cell’s Artwork

Now, on the Detail page, all of your elements that would display the specific Artwork’s field values would use the expression “Current Page Artwork’s [field]” e.g. “Current Page Artwork’s title”

There’s a lesson here on sending data to pages that you can check out:

Hope this helps!

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That’s very helpful. Thank you! :grin:

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It worked. What I was doing the wrong way was that I had added a group in which I placed all the elements and it was covering the entire new page. Therefore I could not select the right type of content, as when clicking anywhere in the page, only the group was being selected. As a result the new page did not know what information to look for.

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