Can you send slugs for individual data entries to a pop-up?


I currently have the blog set up on my web app as one single page featuring a repeating group. Visitors can then click whichever blog post and it opens a pop-up on the same page. Can I somehow direct the slug for each blog post to that pop-up OR can that only be done when you ‘Go to a new page’…

The end goal would be to make sure each blog post is shareable.

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Yes, you could…but I would actually use a popup in this case, and instead just have a group on the page that is hidden by default and uses conditions to be shown only when the URL contains either a parameter or a path (slugs are basically a path) that denotes a blog post has been selected.

Set the group that will be used to have the content type set to blog-post and make the datasource look to the URL to extract from the DB the specific post to show.

Depending on which you’d like to use (parameter or path) would dictate the options you have available for setting those values when somebody clicks onto a blog-post. If you review the session from the bootcamp regarding navigation and conditionals it will shed more light onto the two choices and potential implications or requirements of either approach.

Make sure the repeating group is in a container that has conditionals to be shown or not that are essentially the opposite of those for the blog post group container, so either the RG is shown or the Blog post group is shown at any given time.

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Thanks @boston85719 . So I have the pop-up showing and pulling through the blog post data. This the what the URL shows:
Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 13.18.25

Do you know why it could be showing ‘Lorem Ipsum’ instead of the actual slug given to the post?

Here’s the pop-up. Which is showing everything OK.

Yes, when we looked at the URLs and conditionals session we saw an example of this. Loreum Ipsum is basically dummy text. When you don’t actually have a slug in the URL associated with a data entry, it will show lorem ipsum…mostly likely you were in your editor on the page and pressed preview.

You should just paste in the slug of a data entry to replace loreum ipsum and it should show the actual data you want.