⏸ Adding dynamic pause time between actions

Is there a way to achieve this? The current pause action doesn’t accept dynamic data.

Thanks gang!


I’ve never thought about this - but if it’s a back-end workflow, could you simply break them into their own individual API calls, and then string them together and have the “schedule call” as current date/time+dynamic time?

Thanks for this and good idea. Unfortunately it’s a front end thing.

Hmm… I’m not sure this would fit your use case, and it’d be a bit messy…

but could you just have like 5 different “add a pause before next action” with varying lengths (eg 2 seconds, 4 seconds, 6 seconds, etc) and then have relevant “only when” condition so only one of them triggers for the user that fits their use case?

Then you could simply store a state on the page to be the value relevant to the pause for the user, and associate that with the “only when” condition perhaps

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Pretty out of the box! I like it. Though in my case the values can vary by a large margin, so it’s impractical for this case. :frowning_face:

Good contributions though! We’re getting somewhere here!

I don’t know if this is a good idea and not sure i will work but…
Create two state “number” (I will call them “current”, “total”)
Create two custom events
When you need a pause, Set state Current: 1, total to the number of seconds you need to pause)(example 5), trigger the first custom event. add a pause (1000) and Set state Current with condition if State current <= State total (state current +1), Trigger the second custom event if State current-1 < total.

The second WF is exactly the same but triggering the first custom event

Basically, you create a loop to add pause. You can choose to reduce the pause length according to your needs.

But I really believe that the best option (and maybe there’s already a plugin for that or toolbox plugin can do that) is to use JS (plugin) that will trigger an event once the pause time you need is completed. So the WF will call this plugin and when the pause is done, Trigger an event where you can complete the WF.

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Any chance you’re using an API or element with a library that has event callbacks you can implement? If you describe the use case a bit more it would help.

+1 on this. Any field that can be dynamic should be dynamic.

Otherwise we always have to spend days figuring out workarounds, when it could have just been a line of code in python (or whatever your favorite language).

My use case: I want to limit users from overusing the tool. And the front-end pause is based on a formula (depends on the function they’re using, etc.).

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Maybe you can use the Toolbox Plugin and implement the Pause Action with JS there? Haven’t tried it though, but it should be possible.


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