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Pause in Workflow - Between Actions

Hi there !

How do you make a pause in system workflow?
I’ve got a API request, and it would be nice if I could insert a pause between requests…
How do you usually deal with pauses (WF pauses between actions…) ?

Tks in advance!

Hi @augusto1
Screenshot 2022-08-17 at 15.48.29

@viquarahmed07 That is best used for front end pauses – Notice the “It won’t apply for workflows that modify data, send emails, etc.” - It is possible this won’t work consistently due to the way workflows are run in Bubble .

@augusto1 if you want a foolproof method for doing this, create a recurring Schedule API Workflow. See screenshot below - You can set the “Scheduled date” for any time in the future. In my example, that API will run every 10 seconds. You could make it 30 minutes… or 30 days. Doesn’t matter. This should be much more consistent than “Add a pause before next action”.


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