Adding Email field to database

I am trying to add/save each user’s email in a repeating group to a database table. I was able to add the Title and Image, but email (saved as Type ‘User’) - Idea is I can access the user’s email via User object. Any ideas how to solve this?

I’d double-check that the field types match in your database.

Is the field for the ‘email’ under your Pool_Team data type set as a text field?

Well according to your post that Email field is type User. So I recommend renaming that to User instead, then just set it to Current cell’s User. (User type field means you need to give it a User)

Then later wherever you need to get their email, refer to the Pool_Team’s User’s email.

Otherwise switch the Email field to a text field instead and directly store their email as text. But if the user updates their email then you need to do some kind of cleanup workflow to update any Pool_Team things with the new email so I don’t recommend doing that

You said it yourself….

Your ‘Email’ field is of type ‘User’ (for some reason), but an email is (obviously) of type ‘Text’

So there’s your answer …

But no wonder you’re confused if you name fields in such an unintuitive way…

The easy way to solve this issue is …

because your field type of “Data Type” is ‘User’.
if your field type of “Data Type” is text. you can user “User’s email”.

Yes, the ‘Email’ field type is saved as Text:

Thanks for the response. I am very new to bubble so please pardon my newbie questions. So, I have the ‘Pool_Team’ set as a repeating group, and would like to get associated email of each member of the team saved to the database. I was thinking that I could get to the email of the “Current Cell” user by Accessing the User field on the Pool_Team first, then grabbing the email from there, but kept getting that error above

Relax man, Just trying to figure this No code thing out. I’m pretty sure you’ve gotten stuck at some point too so chill out, nothing is that serious buddy. Thanks

I just reset the field type of ‘Pool_Team’ Data Type to text and still couldn’t grab the email value on the User object. Please check out this screencast: Screen Recording 2023-04-14 at 3.03.58 PM

Yea so keep your field but might just want to rename it to User since that’s what you are storing. Inside your Pool_Team repeaeting group cell, place a text element and reference Current cell’s Pool_Team’s User’s email.

Then your Create a Pool_Team action in your screenshot set it to Current cell’s User (I am assuming your Repeating group you are using there is a list of Users?)

Thank you :pray:

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