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Adding Items From CoinMarketCap API to Watchlist

I’m trying to create a watchlist of cryptocurrencies using the CoinMarketCap API. So far I’ve:

  • Created the repeating group
  • Added in the text fields for name, symbol, and price (formatted) from the API
  • Set the state (page level) for crypto-list
  • Made each cell in the repeating group selectable/de-selectable via grouping all items in the cell together

Where I’m having trouble is when it comes to saving this information to a user, the information saves as “(Data From An External API)” over and over again. I’ve checked the tutorials here and around the web and most of them deal with saving lists of items that are already in a database (ex: adding users to a project). How can I take information from an API, store it as a list associated with a user, and then check this list in the future?

If the items will always be displayed as data from the api then the only thing you will need to save to the database would be a unique identifier that would never change from that api such as the ‘ticker symbol’. Then when a user is viewing the list pulled from the api, there can be a conditional or filter to either highlight or only show the items whose ticker symbol is ‘contained’ in the users saved ‘watchlist’ of ‘ticker symbols’.

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Thank you!